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A misdemeanor is a criminal offense that is treated by the courts as more serious than an infraction, but less serious than a felony. A misdemeanor is tried in the lower courts such as municipal or... (Read on)

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As more states vote to allow recreational use of marijuana, employers may be rightfully confused about the differences between how recreational and medical marijuana are regulated... (Read on)
How to Avoid Adulteration in Employee Drug Testing

Ways to test for adulteration and tampering of drug test samples.
The 3 Key Health Effects of Occupational Noise Exposure

Information on the most important negative health effects of noise exposure in the workplace.
Medical Marijuana Law Differences and Contradictions

State and federal laws differ on the legality of use of medical marijuana.
Encouraging Employees to Achieve Healthy Eating and Fitness Goals in the Workplace

The importance of encouraging healthy lifestyles in the workplace and how to help employees stay healthy.
The Importance of Setting Up Ergonomic Workstations for Office Workers

Discussion on the importance of assisting employers with recognizing ergonomic issues in the workplace and providing tools to assist with designing an ergonomic workstation.
When To Use A Functional Capacity Evaluation

Explanation of the types of Functional Capacity Evaluations and their benefits.
Medical marijuana

List of the top Twitter feeds to follow in order to stay up to date on Marijuana laws.
8 Things Employers Should Know About DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

8 points that employers should know about DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations.
Oral Fluid, Urine, and Hair Testing: What's the Difference?

Details and discussion of how oral fluid drug testing, urine drug testing, and hair drug testing differ.
Managing Opioids in the Workplace

Information on opioids in the workplace and how to deal with its effects.
OSHA's New Recordkeeping and Reporting Rule 2016

Details and explanation of OSHA's new recordkeeping and reporting rule.
Dealing With Type 2 Diabetes in the Workplace

Discussion of how to deal with Type 2 Diabetes in the workplace to the benefit of both employees and the company.
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

Discussion and explanation of the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for employers.
State Drug Testing Laws: What Should Employers Know?

Information employers need to know about state level drug testing laws.
What drugs are part of a non-DOT 5 panel drug test?

Details on what drugs are included on a non-DOT 5 panel drug test.
Hair Follicle Drug Testing 101

Details on what hair follicle drug testing is, what it can detect, how much it costs, and whether it can be cheated.
The Importance of Determining an Employee's Pre-Existing Injuries

Reasons why pre-employment determination of injuries a worker has before joining your company are important.
Eight Best Practices for Background Screening

Discussion of the rules and benefits surrounding background screening of potential employees during the hiring process.
The Top Twitter Feeds About Workplace Drug Testing to Follow on Twitter

For those in the testing industry, here’s your chance to learn all about workplace drug testing from some of the top Twitter feeds posting about this topic.
POCT vs. Lab Testing: What is the Difference?

Discussion of how POCT and lab drug testing are different.
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West Nile Virus is an infectious disease that is transmitted to humans through mosquito bites. Mosquitoes become infected when biting birds that carry the West Nile... Read more

Hypoventilation occurs when the body's lungs cannot absorb enough oxygen and carbon dioxide then builds up in the blood stream. Hypoventilation is caused when the... Read more

Airway obstruction refers to a condition in which a blockage of the airways causes a reduction of airflow to or absorption of oxygen by the lungs. This blockage may... Read more

A care management committee (CMC) is a group empowered by a health care service provider to monitor and review the performance of the service provider. This... Read more

Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria develop the ability to survive the effects of antibiotics. Antibiotics and antimicrobials are substances that are used to... Read more
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