Everything Employers Need to Know About Workplace Drug Testing

Primer on drug testing laws, methods, reasons, and other factors affecting when, if, and how a company conducts drug tests.

Introduction to Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) and How They are Important to Your Company

Discussion of what Substance Abuse Professionals can do for your company, how they fit in to DOT regulations, and why they are a good addition to your company.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Employees Set Personal Wellness Goals

A guide to helping your employees set personal wellness goals as part of your company's health and wellness program.

What are the Differences Between a DER, a SAP, and a TPA?

Discussion of the roles of DERs, SAPs, and TPAs in administering a DOT drug and alcohol testing program.

Introduction to Consortium Third Party Administrators  (C/TPAs)

Discussion of Consortium Third Party Administrators (C/TPAs) and how they fit into a DOT mandated drug and alcohol testing program.

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing and the Right to a Safe Work Environment

Discussion of privacy rights surrounding drug and alcohol testing and the right to safety.

Everything You Need to Know about Hair Drug Testing

Is hair testing better than urine drug testing or other methods? Find out everything you need to know about hair drug testing.

DOT Drug Testing Panel Now Includes Opioids: What It Means for Employers

Discussion of the changes in DOT drug testing regulations to require drug testing for opioids beginning in 2018.

How Movement Education Helps Reduce Downtime and Speed Return to Work Plans

Movement education is a vital part of an overall injury management and ergonomics program.

Are Prescription Opioids in the Workplace Really a Problem?

Discussion of the detrimental effects of prescription opioid abuse in the workplace and ways to combat the problem.

DIY Health and Fitness Tests that Every Workplace Should Consider

Learn about five basic health and fitness tests that can be done in the workplace. Find out what they measure, why your workplace should consider them, and how to do...

14 Ways to Create a Workplace Culture of Wellness

Simple ideas for creating a workplace culture that promotes a healthy and happy workforce.

Drug and Alcohol Program Best Practices

Discussion of best practices for creating and managing a a workplace drug and alcohol program.

10 Companies that are Leading the Way in Wellness

A look at 10 companies that are successful in promoting wellness and a culture of health.

4 Things Employers Can Do to Prepare for Marijuana Legalization

More and more states are legalizing marijuana in some form or another. This makes it imperative that employers have a plan for possible legalization in their state or on...


What are the treatment options for sleep apnea?

Treating sleep apnea consists of ensuring continuous breathing while sleeping, bringing back a good quality of sleep with a sufficient duration and in regular periods of...

Why do initial drug tests need to be confirmed?

When companies implement a workplace drug-testing program, it’s important to include a policy regarding how any positive results on the initial screening will be handled...

Are wellness programs expensive for employers to run?

Generally, the goal an employer has behind a wellness program, besides making employees happier and healthier, is to cut healthcare costs, as the insurance premium costs...

What is a drug test?

A drug test is a chemical analysis that detects potential drug consumption through examination of a submitted biological sample. This sample is often urine but can also...

What are the common risk factors of developing sleep apnea?

Risks for developing sleep apnea are largely dependent on the type of sleep apnea. While there are several subsets of sleep apnea, they generally fall into physical...

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