What To Expect From A VO2 Max Test

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Substance Abuse Professionals: What They Do, And Why They're Integral To Your Workforce

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On-Site vs. Off-Site Drug Testing: Which Is Right For Your Company?

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How Periodic Testing Can Be A Crucial Part Of Your Workplace Drug Testing Program

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Medical Review Officers: What They Do, And Why They're Integral To Your Workforce

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Making the Switch to ECCF Forms: What You Need To Know

Making the switch to eCCF forms can be relatively smooth and hassle-free when systems are aligned and personnel are informed.

The Critical Components Of A Strong Workplace Drug And Alcohol Testing Policy

If your company has a drug and alcohol testing program, it should have a strong policy in place as well.

Anxiety in the Workplace: Tips To Help Employees Who May Be Struggling

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Standing Desks: Pros and Cons to Consider

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6 Apps That Could Help Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

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6 Best Practices For Background Checks Every Employer Should Know

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What is a roadside drug screening?

Roadside drug screening is the term used to describe the process of carrying out a drug test on a driver who has been asked to pull over to the side of the road and...

Are drug test results confidential under HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) aims to protect an individual's health information and medical records. HIPAA regulations have been...

What are physical demands analysis reports actually used for?

A physical demands analysis (PDA) is a process that is carried out to determine the suitability of an employee to their job role. The physical requirements of the job...

What is physician-patient privilege?

Physician-patient privilege is a legal concept that pertains to the medical information shared by a patient with their physician. Also know as "doctor-patient...

What is the difference between open, voluntary and mandatory state laws around drug testing?

Federally regulated industries such as transportation and aviation must comply with federal regulations around drug testing. Private employers outside of these specific...

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