Office Desks: Sitting vs. Standing

Many people know about the negative health implications of sitting all day. A standing desk seems like the perfect solution — however, even they have limitations, and...

Introduction to Hazard Identification Studies

Everything you need to know about the purpose and process of hazard identification studies in the workplace.

7 Steps for Implementing a Workplace Wellness Program

Investing in an effective workplace wellness program shows a corporate concern for employee health. In addition, investing in the development and implementation of a...

The 3 Key Health Effects of Occupational Noise Exposure

Information on the most important negative health effects of noise exposure in the workplace.

How to Set Up a Fit-for-Work Testing Program

Everything you need to know to implement an effective fit-for-work testing program.

What To Consider When Deciding Whether You Need A TPA Or A DER

Both these roles can be integral to the success of your workplace drug testing program. You simply need to figure out what your needs are based on the type and size of...

Dealing With Type 2 Diabetes in the Workplace

Due to its pervasiveness, it's almost certain you'll encounter a diabetic employee at some point. Here is what you need to know about helping them to manage their...

Managing Opioids in the Workplace

Opioids can be a major issue in the workplace if left unmanaged. Here's what employers need to know to address opioid use in their drug and alcohol policy, as well as...

4 Effective Ways to Deal With Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the workplace can be a real issue, and you may not even be aware it's happening if you're not the target. These strategies will help you address bullying and...

Introduction to the 10-Panel Drug Test

Everything you need to know about what the 10-panel drug test covers, and why it might be the best fit for your company.

6 Up and Coming Drug Testing Technologies You Need To Know About

Drug testing has been around for ages, and the methods are proven to be effective. However, there's always room for improvement — and these six new technologies are...

Introduction to the 8 Panel Drug Test

This drug test is similar to the DOT 5-panel test, with three additions — and one notable omission.

Introduction to the 12-Panel Drug Test

There are many options for panel drug tests, and the 12 panel test includes the widest possible range of both illicit and prescription drugs.

What Causes Workplace Stress (And How to Unwind)

If you feel overworked or like things are out of control at work, stress is inevitable — these tactics can help you manage your stress levels.

Introduction to Biometric Testing and Benefits of Use

Introduction to biometric testing, implementation in the workplace, and the benefits of using biometric testing


What materials are used during DOT drug testing to send urine specimens to the laboratory?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has very specific guidelines that must be followed throughout the drug testing process. Sending a urine specimen to the laboratory...

What materials are used during DOT drug testing urine specimen collection?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that specific materials are used during the drug testing urine specimen collection process.A collection kit containing...

What are some of the key things employers need to consider about ergonomics in the workplace?

The first thing that any employer needs to take into consideration is that they need to make sure all of the functions that an individual is doing on a job site actually...

What is the difference between and DOT and a non-DOT physical examination?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) covers regulations around safety-sensitive transportation positions. These include the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration...

What is a DOT physical?

A DOT physical is a medical evaluation required through the Department of Transportation (DOT) for all commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers. It is a physical...

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