Audiometry: A Guide to Workplace Noise Levels

Excessive workplace noise can have a huge negative impact on employees — here's what you need to know about making your worksite as safe as possible.

Fever And COVID-19: What You Need To Know

Not only is fever one of the most recognizable symptoms of COVID-19, it is also one of the most common, impacting nearly 88% of those infected.

10 Ergonomic Hazards In The Workplace To Look Out For

Employee safety should be a major concern for any employer — here are 10 potential hazards to keep an eye on.

8 Tips To Successfully Transition To Working Remotely During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Many employees and employers are facing a whole new world of work — here are some tips to navigate the transition.

Crystalline Silica: What Is It, And Why Is It Dangerous?

In industries where employees are exposed to crystalline silica, employers must take care to make the work environment as safe as possible.

12 Fascinating Facts About Hair Testing

Everything you need to know about this common form of drug testing, which has been around for decades.

9 Common Causes of Contact Stress and How to Educate Employees

Train your employees to recognize common risk factors and help prevent contact stress.

Asbestos In The Workplace: Measures An Employer Must Take To Ensure Employee Safety

Asbestos is the number one cause of workplace-related deaths around the world — here's what you need to know to keep your employees safe.

Cannabis Edibles: What You Need To Know

Edibles are an increasingly popular option for cannabis consumers, but there are a few key points you need to understand.

Coal Dust: What Is It, And Why Is It Dangerous?

This substance, found in industries such as mining, can have a huge impact on workers' health.

5 Jobs That Lead To Hearing Loss And What Measures You Can Take

Hearing problems affect over 11% of the working population, and almost one-quarter of these were the result of workplace exposure. Here are measures that can mitigate...

How To Make Your Meetings More Positive and Productive

Make your meetings truly count by incorporating these tips.

How to Ease Lower Back Pain with Yoga

Lower back pain is a huge issue in the workforce, and this simple addition to your routine may help ease your employees' discomfort.

Safety Sensitive Positions and Marijuana: How to Protect Your Team

Navigating the complex rules around marijuana use can be tough for employers — here are a few tips to ensure your team is safe and productive.

Promoting Health By Creating Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance helps protect employees from stress, thereby increasing productivity. This balance is achieved through intentional living in both professional and...


What are physical demands analysis reports actually used for?

A physical demands analysis (PDA) is a process that is carried out to determine the suitability of an employee to their job role. The physical requirements of the job...

What is physician-patient privilege?

Physician-patient privilege is a legal concept that pertains to the medical information shared by a patient with their physician. Also know as "doctor-patient...

What is the difference between open, voluntary and mandatory state laws around drug testing?

Federally regulated industries such as transportation and aviation must comply with federal regulations around drug testing. Private employers outside of these specific...

How are collection personnel certified?

There isn't a specific certification that is required for collection personnel in drug testing. However, a training qualification should be completed to ensure the...

Are maintenance of ways (MOW) employees covered differently than DOT testing employees?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) includes the following branches:Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Federal...

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