Is health coaching an effective tool for a wellness program?


Is health coaching an effective tool for a wellness program?


A workplace wellness program can include a number of different services, benefits, and initiatives, which are all aimed at improving the health and safety of an employer’s workforce. Among the services provided by a workplace wellness program may be health coaching. Health coaches are trained medical professionals who provide individualized advice and support to participants in a workplace wellness program. Health coaches may also provide group consultations to employees. Health coaching may be provided in person or via telephone or other means.

Health coaches can interview employees and then help identify employees who have increased health risks. They can also create customized wellness programs and assist employees in reaching individual health goals. According to WebMD Health Services, employees who completed the WebMD coaching program reduced their health care costs by an average of $507 per year. Participants who were classified at high or moderate health risk were also able to reduce their risk levels.

Including health coaching in a worksite wellness program boosts enrollment and enhances the corporation’s culture of wellness. Health coaches can also assist in gathering program feedback and identifying opportunities for improvement.

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