Health Professional

Last updated: February 18, 2021

What Does Health Professional Mean?

A health professional is a person trained to work in a health or health-related field. In most cases, a health professional will have received training to work in a specific mental or physical health field. Examples of health professionals include physicians, therapists and lab technicians. Health professionals may work directly with patients or in support or administrative roles.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Health Professional

The World Health Organization defines a health professional as an individual who works in the field of human healthcare and applying evidence-based practices. The term health professional encompasses many different jobs, not just doctors or nurses. Health care professionals work in research, counseling, and population health management. Dentists, pharmacists and midwives are also health professionals. Athletic trainers, emergency medical personnel, and heath educators all fall within the definition of a health professional as well.

Many different health care professionals are involved in the creation and maintenance of workplace health and wellness programs. These individuals may serve as educators or wellness coordinators, perform testing, provide health coaching, or analyze worker health information. Individual health professionals usually undergo specialized training and may be licensed by one or more professional organizations.


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