Self-Reported Values

Last updated: July 29, 2018

What Does Self-Reported Values Mean?

Self-reported values, within the context of occupational health and safety, refer to a series of data (or values) reported by a participant in various related health questionnaires. This method of health monitoring relies on data recollected from patients directly. Self-reported values can also be referred to as a patient-reported outcome (PRO) or self-reported health status.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Self-Reported Values

Self-reported values are gathered either through a questionnaire handed to a patient for their answers or directly from an interview with the patient. These values are a common measure used in workplace health surveys to understand how employees feel about their own health.

Self-reported values can either target a specific topic related to workplace health or can address multiple characteristics of the topic in order to solve health issues inside an organization or company or assess the overall health level of a workforce.



Patient-Reported Outcome, Self-Reported Health Status

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