Applied Kinesiology

Last updated: August 28, 2020

What Does Applied Kinesiology Mean?

Applied kinesiology is an alternative medicine technique used to diagnose medical concerns or health issues using the principle that there is a connection between certain glands and organs with specific muscles in the body. It asserts the theory that addressing muscle weakness in the body aids in the healing of the organ or gland it is linked to. Therefore it uses muscle testing to identify weakened muscles and uses those weakened muscles as a sign of illness or injury elsewhere in the body.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology revolves around the idea that muscles in the body have a connection with other organs in the body. Performing muscle testing offers the patient a road map of sorts to what else may be going on inside the body. Practitioners claim various levels of care with applied kinesiology. From simply identifying restricted blood flow or allergens to detecting and treating cancer.

Applied kinesiology practitioners are often health care professionals such as chiropractors. However, applied kinesiology itself is not recognized by federal medical groups and many consider applied kinesiology in any form to be a hoax.


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