Flow Alignment and Connection (FAC)

Last updated: August 7, 2018

What Does Flow Alignment and Connection (FAC) Mean?

Flow Alignment and Connection (FAC) refers to a type of energy bodywork designed to improve the flow energy through the body. Energy bodywork refers to a set of practices that are concerned with the balance of the body’s energy field. Maintaining optimal energy flow, or alignment of the body’s energy properly, is believed to have therapeutic value and enhance wellness. A FAC session can be conducted remotely or in person. During a FAC session, an individual is guided to a relaxed state and may be asked to engage in thought exercises, physical movement, or deep meditations.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Flow Alignment and Connection (FAC)

Flow Alignment and Connection (FAC) does not replace traditional medical treatment for illness or disease. It is a practice that individuals seek out to improve their overall health and wellbeing. FAC targets both mind and body with a low-impact, non-invasive approach. Practitioners often encourage their clients to explore their own consciousness to guide them toward emotional and spiritual growth.


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