Guided Imagery

Last updated: March 6, 2017

What Does Guided Imagery Mean?

Guided Imagery is a technique used for meditation or therapy in which a person’s thoughts are guided toward a desired perception using words and suggestions. The goal of guided imagery is encourage emotional wellness by helping the person to visualize positive outcomes to whatever situation her or she is facing. The primary tools used for guided imagery are spoken words and music, but other sensory tools may also be used.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a thought process intended to reach the conscious and unconscious mind. It is a type of mindful meditation. An exercise in guided imagery harnesses the power of suggestion to direct a person’s thought process. Using guided imagery, a person might imagine the details of drinking a cold beverage and feel almost as if the beverage is at hand. Guided imagery might be used to help a patient envision themselves defeating cancer cells or letting go of anxiety. Guided imagery may be offered in a therapeutic setting with a facilitator assisting the patient. Individuals can also practice guided imagery alone, using pre-recorded guided imagery scripts or creating their own sensory scripts.


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