Pranic Healing

Last updated: May 25, 2018

What Does Pranic Healing Mean?

Pranic healing is an energy based healing method based on management of the body’s energy field. This energy is said to be within the body and also present outside the body in the form of an aura. Pranic practicioners believe that illness and emotional distress can disturb this energy. Pranic healers use non-invasive methods to repair and rechannel the body’s energies. Pranic healing is sometimes used in conjunction with traditional methods to alleviate the harm caused by the disease or stress.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Pranic Healing

Pranic healing gets its name from the word prana, which means life-force, in Sanskrit. The Japanese refer to this energy force as the person’s Ki, while the Chinese call it Chi. During pranic healing sessions, a practitioner attempts to ensure the the body’s vital energy is balanced and that all of the body’s chakras are functioning properly. Practitioners of pranic healing believe that chakras are invisible energy centers in the body each responsible for different bodily functions. Thus a failing chakra can be responsible for a physical or mental ailment. Other steps in pranic healing may include engaging in positive thought, rhythmic breathing, diet and exercise, meditation, and mental-physical exercises.


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