Sound Therapy

Last updated: June 12, 2018

What Does Sound Therapy Mean?

Sound therapy is a form of treatment that incorporates music or other sounds to treat illness. The field of sound therapy is diverse and ranges from auditory methods that address hearing loss and tinnitus to music therapy intended to stimulate relaxation and memory. Because sound waves transmit vibrations that can reach every part of the body, sound therapy can affect the whole body. The effectiveness of certain types of sound therapy are more accepted than other forms and research is still ongoing.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Sound Therapy

One form of sound therapy, sometimes called auditory therapy, is sometimes used to treat conditions such as tinnitus. Using sound therapy, practitioners use external sound to alter the patient’s perception of the noise caused by tinnitus. For instance, a sound might be used to mask the tinnitus or distract the patient from it.

Music therapy is a form of sound therapy used in a number of settings from counseling sessions to operating rooms. The music itself is pleasing to the listener and thus encourages relaxation. Vibrational sound therapy focuses on the effect sound waves and their vibrations have on the body. Sound is used in both conventional and alternative medicine. The sound waves employed may be audible or inaudible, depending on the treatment selected.


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