Therapeutic Touch

Last updated: July 15, 2018

What Does Therapeutic Touch Mean?

Therapeutic touch (TT) is an energy bodywork form of treatment based on the idea that each individual is surrounded by a complex energy field. By improving an individual’s energy balance and flow, therapeutic touch practitioners seek to improve the person’s health and well-being. in spite of the name, therapeutic touch does not actually involve physically touching the body. Instead, the practitioner attempts to manipulate the energy field around the patient.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic touch (TT) is sometimes used in hospitals or other medical settings as a complementary service. Therapeutic touch involves the practitioner using his or her hands as sensors to detect imbalances in the patient’s energy field. In most instances, the facilitator does not physically touch the individual being treated. Instead, a variety of hand motions and waves are used to re-channel and direct energy flow. Therapeutic touch is one of several types of energy healing practices including Reiki, Qi gong, and flow alignment and connection (FAC).


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