Last updated: March 29, 2019

What Does Yoga Mean?

Yoga is an exercise discipline that tries to unite the mind with the body. It does this by combining physical exercise with meditation, and encouraging practitioners to tap into their spiritual core. Yoga originated in India several hundred years ago, and was introduced as a more mainstream exercise practice in Western society in the 1980s. Yoga is a very popular addition to many workplace wellness initiatives as it has been shown to reduce stress, increase productivity and help manage pain.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Yoga

May companies implement a pre-work yoga regime to warm workers up for the upcoming workday. Many companies also implement yoga or stretching breaks throughout the workday. Yoga is beneficial in the workplace as it stretches and warms up the body for working, either at a desk or in an industrial setting. Furthermore, yoga helps increase the worker's flexibility and strength, which can decrease the likelihood of injury and increase overall health.


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