Forensic Use Only

What Does Forensic Use Only Mean?

Forensic Use Only means that a drug testing device is not FDA 510k cleared and are only to be used for law enforcement or criminal justice purposes. This means that the sale of these drug testing devices are restricted to companies that are using them for criminal justice purposes. Private drug testing companies would not be allowed to use these type of devices without special clearance.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Forensic Use Only

Forensic Use Only devices are only intended to be used by companies that are using them within the criminal justice system. Companies or users that are allowed to use these type of devices would include but are limited to: law enforcement, probation/parole offices, court systems, correction centers, or military. Any other private company that performs drug testing would not be able to use Forensic Use Only drug testing devices without approval due to the Federal Drug Act. It is intended to keep certain technology from being fooled by restricting who has access to the testing technology, and therefore the opportunity to understand any weaknesses.


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