Response Time

What Does Response Time Mean?

The response time for a breath alcohol test is the time required for the testing device to register a result once a breath sample has been submitted. Many alcohol breath testing devices can deliver positive or negative results in 10 seconds or less. The rapid response time means a breath alcohol test is a quick and effective way to measure how much alcohol a particular individual has consumed.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Response Time

Evidential breath testing devices (EBT) and other alcohol screening devices (ASD) produce a result by analyzing a specimen of exhaled breath from the test subject. The time that is needed for a particular type or model of breath testing instrument to produce this results is referred to as the response time.

Response time is one of the traits that an employer or law enforcement agency may consider when choosing which breath testing device to purchase for alcohol breath testing. Additional considerations include the accuracy rating for the device, its recalibration time, range of measurement, and whether or not it meets the government standards necessary to qualify as an evidentiary breath testing device.


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