Calibration Check

Last updated: July 28, 2018

What Does Calibration Check Mean?

A calibration check, within the context of alcohol testing, ensures that the breath alcohol machine is reading correctly and within the limits set out during initial calibration. A calibration check is done in between calibrations. It is also completed each time there is a positive reading for alcohol after the confirmation testing in order to confirm that the positive reading is valid.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Calibration Check

Calibration checks are used to ensure the validity of the alcohol testing being done and to ensure that the machine continues to function at the standard set out by the most recent calibration. A calibration check, along with the initial calibration, is part of a quality control system for a breath alcohol machine.

A calibration check may also be knows as an accuracy check and is the process of putting a gas with a known alcohol content through the breath alcohol machine. Knowing the alcohol content of the gas allows you to see if the machine is reading the alcohol content correctly or if the machine needs to be calibrated/adjusted.


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