Fuel Cell Device

What Does Fuel Cell Device Mean?

A fuel cell device, within the context of alcohol testing, is a hand-held portable battery operated instrument that is used to measure the alcohol concentration of a person's breath. These devices measure the level of alcohol in the breath by converting the alcohol into an electrical current, which produces a reading that accurately displays the percentage of alcohol in the person's body.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Fuel Cell Device

A fuel cell device is an compact instrument that is used to detect the amount of alcohol in a person's body. A person blows air through a tube attached to the fuel cell device and the instrument converts all the alcohol particles in the breath sample into electrical energy. The more alcohol in the breath sample, the higher the electrical energy. The device will then display a reading on its screen that shows what the percentage of alcohol is in the body. These devices can be extremely accurate and versions of them are used by law enforcement or private testing companies.


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