Zero Tolerance

Definition - What does Zero Tolerance mean?

Zero tolerance describes a workplace policy in which an employer states that drug screening tests which return positive results for any prohibited drugs, or a refusal to submit to the testing by the employee, will result in immediate punitive measures, which may include termination of the employee. Many employers see this type of policy as a way to further deter drug use (more than just the threat of random drug screening) and a way to eliminate any perceived bias in consequences.

WorkplaceTesting explains Zero Tolerance

A zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy is a company policy that is voluntarily adopted by a company stating that any drug screening which yields a positive result for prohibited drugs will result in immediate punitive action by the employer, sometimes including immediate dismissal from a job. This is in addition to any federal or local laws regarding consequences of drug test results. An employee's refusal to submit to a drug screening may also result in the same immediate punitive measures that a positive drug test entails.

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