Alcohol Testing Site

Last updated: August 7, 2018

What Does Alcohol Testing Site Mean?

An alcohol testing site is a location selected by an employer where employees must go to submit to the alcohol screening test(s). Sometimes these tests are required by the Department of Transportation for covered employees, which are those with safety-sensitive positions and employed in federally regulated transportation industries. This site may be onsite or offsite depending on the type of testing and the regulations involved.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Alcohol Testing Site

In order to ensure the integrity of an alcohol screening or confirmation test, the test will be conducted at an alcohol testing site designated by the employer. The Department of Transportation requires that an alcohol test take place at a testing site meeting specific standards. These standards include security, privacy, and certain facility requirements. If a location meets the Department of Transportation's regulatory requirements, it may be used as an alcohol testing site. If the testing is being done for employees not covered by DOT, or other applicable, regulations then the employer may determine the requirements and specifications for an alcohol testing site.


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