Last updated: June 21, 2018

What Does Collector Mean?

A collector, within the context of occupational health and safety, is a trained individual who supervises and manages the collection of samples from employees who are participating in employee drug testing. The collector also observes and supervises the collection process from start to finish and performs the drug screening test to safeguard its legitimacy.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Collector

During workplace drug testing, the collector is present at the collection site to instruct the employee and monitor the testing procedure. The collector is responsible for assuring that the entire testing procedure is performed in compliance with federal law and employer guidelines. Once the specimen is provided by an employee, the collector tests the specimen for adulteration or tampering and then conducts the requisite supervised drug screen test.

The collector is also responsible for record keeping. He or she must accurately record the necessary information on the chain of custody form for the collected specimen. If a specimen requires confirmation or further testing, the collector must prepare the specimen for shipping and maintain records of this process. The collector must also comply with confidentiality and privacy rules when managing drug tests.

The collector is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the collection site and the validity of the collection process. Department of Transportation guidelines require that collectors receive and maintain qualified training in order to perform the job of collection.


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