Last updated: July 15, 2018

What Does Employer Mean?

An employer is defined as a person or entity that pays an individual, or group of individuals, a fee for work completed. Work provided can include services provided, manufacturing, or labor. Employers may be subject to a variety of local and federal regulations and laws regarding pay rates, working conditions, and other matters pertaining to the employment of a workforce.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Employer

According to occupational health and safety laws and regulations, employers are responsible for providing their workers with a safe workplace. Many types of workplace testing are an important aspect of upholding this responsibility.

Many employers may institute drug testing policies at their own discretion, including pre-employment screening, post-incident or post-accident testing, testing based on suspicion of drug or alcohol use, random or periodic testing, and the testing of employees returning to the job site after failing a drug or alcohol test. Some employers are required to test for drug and alcohol, including those in the mass transportation, aviation, railroad, maritime, pipeline, and trucking industries where employee performance has a direct impact on public safety.


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