What Does Reconfirmed Mean?

Reconfirmed, within the context of drug testing, is the result of a second test (on the same sample) that corroborates the findings of an initial drug screening which has indicated a positive result for drugs, drug metabolites, or adulterants in the provided specimen.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Reconfirmed

Because of limitations of most screening tests, and the serious consequences of a positive drug test, when an employee's initial drug screen proves positive for drugs, drug metabolites, or adulterants, a lab normally undertakes a second screening to verify that the results from the initial test were accurate. The lab often splits an employee's sample, especially in the case of a urine drug screening, into two separate samples before the initial testing process begins. Then, if there is a positive result returned by the screening test, the second part of the sample is used for a more detailed test. If the results cannot be reconfirmed, the lab may invalidate the test, and the employee may have to submit a new specimen for evaluation.


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