Alcohol Confirmation Test

Last Updated: May 25, 2018

Definition - What does Alcohol Confirmation Test mean?

An alcohol confirmation test is a laboratory procedure that follows the administration of an initial alcohol screen if the initial breath or saliva specimen provided by a donor indicates a positive result. A breath alcohol technician performs the confirmation test to measure alcohol concentration in the system based on a calibrated percentage grade.

WorkplaceTesting explains Alcohol Confirmation Test

An alcohol confirmation test is a laboratory test that is conducted after an initial alcohol screen confirms a positive result from a provided specimen. A breath alcohol technician is enlisted to administer the test by collecting a saliva or breath sample using calibrated equipment to determine recent alcohol ingestion.

The test measures alcohol traces and will either confirm initial test results coupled with a definitive assessment of alcohol concentration based on the regulated percentage limit enforced by Department of Transportation standards or limits set in a company's drug and alcohol, or show a definitive negative result. Alcohol confirmation tests are used to prevent false positive results that may have occurred in an alcohol screening tests.

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