Last updated: May 22, 2018

What Does Clinic Mean?

A clinic refers to a medical facility that caters to patients on an outpatient basis, addressing and treating common conditions and illnesses. Many employers are beginning to coordinate a strategic plan with certified medical personnel to integrate workplace clinics featuring traditional programs and services as an incentive for employees to adopt healthier lifestyles while, in turn, reducing general health care costs and absenteeism for the respective parties.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Clinic

A clinic is defined as a facility comprising medical practitioners who deliver outpatient care and treatment to people who qualify under stipulated terms of different independent health care provider programs. Health care costs remain expensive across the board as people experience higher co-pays and deductibles factored into exorbitant health care insurance premiums. However, more companies are now integrating workplace clinics as an economic and cost-effective measure for employees and employers respectively, fostering better health and curtailing expenses for random off-site medical care Employees are often provided care at in-house clinics at little or no cost to the employee.


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