Temperature Strip

Last updated: November 26, 2016

What Does Temperature Strip Mean?

A temperature strip, within the context of drug testing, is an adhesive strip which is normally attached to a plastic sample cup. The strip itself is sensitive to heat and will indicate the temperature or sequence of temperatures of the sample inside the cup. This is done in order to help ensure a urine sample is not brought in from the outside instead of collected at the time of testing.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Temperature Strip

During urine drug testing, a temperature strip is adhered to the outside of the sample cup. The strip will change color depending on the temperature of the sample. This is to help in distinguishing between a fake, or adulterated, urine sample and a real urine sample. The general premise is that a true urine sample will be near body temperature. The scale of strips will vary but the generally accepted temperature of an unadulterated sample will usually be between 90-100 degrees F.


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