Verified Laboratory Test

Last updated: January 6, 2019

What Does Verified Laboratory Test Mean?

A verified laboratory test is a drug test that has been certified as accurate and completed by following procedures with properly calibrated and maintained equipment. It can also refer to the process that medical review officers use when accepting reports from a laboratory before accepting those tests as valid and accurate.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Verified Laboratory Test

All laboratory drug tests should be verified by a certifying scientist at the testing lab. This is a step that is taken to provide a set of checks and balances to ensure that equipment was properly maintained, procedures were followed, chain of custody was maintained, and that there are no other issues with the operation of the laboratory and staff that could impact the legitimacy of the drug test results.

Once lab tests are sent to a medical review officer (MRO), the medical review officer goes through a separate process before accepting the drug test results as a verified laboratory test. Some of these procedures are impacted by regulations such as those put forth by the DOT. MROs review the received lab reports for information provided by the certifying scientist in the internal lab verification process, look at any false negatives or positives reported, use their training to interpret (understand) the lab reports, and then report the results to the employer. This process, taken as a whole, is considered the verification process.


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