Program Administrator (PA)

What Does Program Administrator (PA) Mean?

A program administrator (PA) is responsible for managing a program. A program administrator is often employed to supervise and coordinate a workplace's health and wellness program. In that capacity, a PA performs both leadership and management tasks in furtherance of the workplace wellness program's goals. The PA may also participate in the creation of the wellness program and the setting of its goals. A program administrator may also be called a program coordinator or program manager.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Program Administrator (PA)

A workplace health and wellness plan may be managed by a program administrator. Planning, coordination, and implementation are all tasks that may be assigned to program administrator. This individual may lead the process of creating, testing, and implementing the plan. In addition, he or she may be responsible for making decisions regarding the program and evaluating its effectiveness. A program administrator may also act as a spokesperson for the workplace health and wellness program. The scope of the program administrator's duties when supervising a workplace wellness program will depend on the size of that program and the resources available. Some tasks may be delegated to other members of the staff or outsourced to third-parties. In any such instances, the program administrator will be responsible for managing the smooth flow of communications between all stakeholders to ensure the effectiveness of the program.

Before a workplace wellness program is implemented, the administrator may work with others to evaluate the employer's current practices and outline ideas for the program. The administrator may work with the employer and employees to set goals and guidelines for the wellness program. Budgetary and human resource concerns may also fall under the purview of the program administrator. Tasks from logistics to public relations are often managed by a wellness program's administrator. A program administrator usually has a combination of skills including the ability to evaluate performance metrics and communicate the benefits of the wellness program to management and employees.



Program Coordinator

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