Post-Incident Testing

Last updated: June 20, 2018

What Does Post-Incident Testing Mean?

Post-incident testing refers to drug or alcohol test that an employee is required to participate in, as mandated by the respective employer or federal regulations. After an incident has occurred in the workplace or during the act of carrying out the normal job duties of the employee. The exact conditions under which an incident will trigger post-incident testing will vary widely and is dependent on each employer's drug and alcohol policy and whether or not the employee falls under DOT regulations.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Post-Incident Testing

When an incident occurs in the workplace or in the course of an employee carrying out their regular job duties, an employer may mandate (or federal regulations may demand) that the employee, or employees, involved in the incident be subjected to drug or alcohol test. Whether or not an injury or other loss resulted from the incident is relevant only if it is included in the company's drug and alcohol policy. There is normally a specific window of time that the testing must take place in, relative to the time of the incident.



Post-Accident Testing

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