Pre-Access Testing

Last updated: July 30, 2018

What Does Pre-Access Testing Mean?

Pre-access testing in the context of workplace drug and alcohol testing refers to the requirement that an employee or other individual submit to drug or alcohol testing before being permitted to enter a specific worksite or area. The person's access to the work site is dependent on him or her passing the drug or alcohol test.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Pre-Access Testing

Pre-access testing may be required when a work site is safety sensitive or for other safety-related or security-related reasons. Testing may be mandatory for every individual entering a site or for a random selection of individuals accessing the site.

This type of testing is often required for work sites where a lack of care and attention could be dangerous for the employee, his or her co-workers, or the surrounding community. Depending on the applicable law and other agreements, an employer seeking to impose a pre-access drug and alcohol testing policy may be required to present non-safety related justifications, such as evidence of past drug and alcohol use at the site. In other instances, safety laws or regulations require that the testing be conducted. For example, the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission requires pre-access drug and alcohol testing for certain employees and contractors who are authorized to access to nuclear power reactor protected areas.


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