Blind Performance Test Specimen

Last updated: May 28, 2018

What Does Blind Performance Test Specimen Mean?

A blind performance test specimen is a false specimen submitted to a laboratory for quality control purposes. These specimens must carry a false identifier (number of patient name) that renders them indistinguishable from an employee specimen. A blind performance test specimen is sometimes referred to as simply a blind specimen or blind test specimen.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Blind Performance Test Specimen

An employer or agency using a laboratory to perform drug testing is usually required to send the lab a number of blind performance test specimens annually to monitor the quality of the lab testing service. These blind specimens will include both negative samples and samples that have been adulterated to include targeted drugs. The blind performance test specimens are submitted in such a way as to mimic true employee test specimens. The results of lab testing of blind specimens are used to assess the lab's performance and assure that the lab's testing of employee samples is accurate.



Blind Specimen, Blind Test Specimen

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