National On-Site Testing Association (NOTA)

Last updated: June 21, 2018

What Does National On-Site Testing Association (NOTA) Mean?

The National On-site Testing Association, or NOTA, is an organization comprised of manufacturers and suppliers of drug and alcohol testing products, which can be distributed to various on-site industrial locations including small business employers, schools, sports-training facilities, and probation/parole offices.


WorkplaceTesting Explains National On-Site Testing Association (NOTA)

The National On-site Testing Association, or NOTA, is a membership entity consisting of manufacturers, consumers, and distributors who provide drug and alcohol testing products to an extensive number of industries including small business firms, schools, sporting camps, insurance agencies, and probation/parole facilities. NOTA, under FDA authorization, provides on-site drug and alcohol testing accommodations to a wide array of companies, institutions, and professional services for the purpose of administering drug and alcohol tests that are convenient, easy, and cost-effective.


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