Oral Fluid

Last updated: May 23, 2018

What Does Oral Fluid Mean?

Oral fluid is the clear, watery fluid, known also as saliva, produced in the mouth for several reasons such as assisting chewing, digestion, tasting, protecting and preserving teeth enamel, and preventing bacterial infections like gum disease and tooth decay from occuring. In the workplace, oral fluid testing is frequently requested by employers as part of a drug screening formality for both applicants and curent employees to determine positive results.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Oral Fluid

Oral fluid is a clear, tasteless fluid, commonly known as saliva, produced by multiple salivary glands inside the mouth facilitating certain physiological processes related to eating. It also aids in removing bacterial pathogens, the byproducts resulting from food and beverage consumption, as well as preventing microbes from causing specific oral-based pathological conditions such as gingivitis (gum disease) and/or tooth decay. In addition, oral fluid plays a key role in its applicable collection for drug screening purposes within the workplace. Employers can use oral fluid testing as part of their drug and alcohol screening protocols.


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