Last updated: May 23, 2018

What Does Photometer Mean?

A photometer is a device used to measure the properties of light. Among other characteristics, the luminous intensity, color, luminous flux of a light source can be measured using a photometer.

Photometers measure light wavelengths and atomic emissions by collecting radiation emitted by the light source. Through a series of steps the photometer converts the radiation data input into a measurement called spectral irradiance. Photometers may be used to measure infrared or ultraviolet light.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Photometer

Photometers are used in industries ranging from medicine to astrophysics. Brightness, color, and other light characteristics may be measured using photometers. For example, a cytophotometer is used to measure the intensity of light passing through parts of a cell. In contrast, a spectrophotometer is used to measure and compare wavelengths between light sources.

In alcohol and drug testing, photometers are sometimes used to compare test specimens to a standard measure to detect the presence of targeted drugs.


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