Recovery Study

Last updated: May 25, 2018

What Does Recovery Study Mean?

A recovery study is a systematic method involving comprehensive research, evaluation, and interpretation of diagnostic measures being implemented by clinicians and other healthcare professionals in order to assist people struggling with substance abuse issues achieve abstinence, sobriety, and maintenance of positive and healthy lifestyles. A recovery study provides useful knowledge into the application and utility of current treatment programs and services underlying the rehabilitation process.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Recovery Study

A recovery study relates to meticulous research, analysis, and understanding about contemporary solutions used by healthcare practitioners to help people combating substance use overcome addiction and maintain control over their lives with alternative programs and services designed to reintroduce individuals back to their families, work, and the community at large. Based on scientific data, the recovery process is identified as a self-perpetuating disease concordant to relapse episodes that are fairly common among rehabilitating addicts meaning that ongoing medical, psychological, and social treatment is necessary to foster healthy, positive, and productive lifestyles in oftentimes lifelong recovering addicts.


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