Last updated: May 24, 2018

What Does Scattergram Mean?

A scattergram is a graphic representation of points referencing two variables. To create a scattergram, two variables are observed and plotted on a graph. The resulting display demonstrates the relationship between the variables. The relationship is strongest where the points are clustered closest together. Scattergrams are sometimes used to represent the results of lab tests or statistical surveys. A scattergram may also be called a scatter plot, scatter diagram, scatter chart, or scatter graph.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Scattergram

To create a scattergram, a graph is created with a horizontal and vertical axis. Each axis represents one of the two variables. Once a value is determined for a particular sample, it is represented by a dot on the scattergram. This dotting process creates a scatter of marks on the graph, hence the name scattergram. When used for drug testing, a known reference value is plotted on the scattergram and then compared to the concentration, or assay, of the target drug in the test sample.



Scatter Plot, Scatter Diagram, Scatter Graph, Scatter Chart

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