Scheduled Testing

Last updated: July 28, 2018

What Does Scheduled Testing Mean?

Scheduled testing, in the context of drug testing, refers to a mandatory testing procedure arranged by a doctor in cooperation with employer(s) to determine whether a job applicant or employee is, or has recently, been under the influence of alcohol and/or drug use. Scheduled testing can be designated during the pre-employment process for applicants combined with adminstration to current employees on a periodic basis during routine annual physicals to guarantee an alcohol and drug-free safe environment.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Scheduled Testing

Scheduled testing, in the context of drug testing, pertains to a requisite testing procedure coordinated by employers and healthcare professionals in conformity with company regulations upholding alcohol and drug-free standards for both job applicants and current employees to follow. Scheduled testing can be performed during pre-employment status or on intermittent occasions for purposes of routine annual physicals.

Although scheduled testing can provide an ample window for applicants and employees to avoid positive results by remaining alcohol and drug free for longer times than normal for a user prior to a slated examination, it tends to be convenient and inexpensive for the company.

Also, when scheduled testing methods are combined with auxiliary drug screening applications, it can bear conducive results in terms of reducing alcohol and/or drug abuse among employees engendering a better workplace atmosphere.


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