Workstation Analysis

Last updated: October 5, 2020

What Does Workstation Analysis Mean?

A workstation analysis is an ergonomics study that involves assessing the specific area where an employee performs the majority of their tasks in order to identify any potential risks to employee health or safety that the workstation itself presents. This includes a detailed study of the workstation design to determine how much stress and strain it places on muscles, tendons, and the skeletal system, and how the design affects productivity.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Workstation Analysis

A workstation analysis may include observing the employee engaged in their tasks at the workstation in terms of technique and body stance, studying the equipment used by the employee, evaluating the exact layout of the workstation, identifying repetitive tasks carried out the employee, classifying any stress and strain the tasks or workstation itself places on the employee's muscles, tendons, or skeletal system, and observing the way in which the design of the workstation affects the productivity of the employee.


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