Time Required for Analysis

What Does Time Required for Analysis Mean?

Time required for analysis, within the context of ergonomics, refers to the specific amount of time that is needed to research and assess the ergonomics of a task. The goal is to fully understand, evaluate, and minimize the risks or hazards to employees in terms of workstations, work performed, protective gear or tools used, education or training given to the employee, and control of the tasks performed from an administrative perspective.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Time Required for Analysis

In order to calculate the time required for analysis, one must take into account the time needed to study each of the various factors in ergonomic analysis. This can include interviewing employees about their job practices, observing employees engaged in the specific task, evaluating the protective gear or tools used in the task for effectiveness versus risk to injury, assessing the education and training given to the employees performing the tasks, and studying what effect administrative controls, such as length of time between worker rotation, have on the task in question.


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