Human Resources (HR)

Last updated: May 29, 2020

What Does Human Resources (HR) Mean?

Human resources are literally the personnel of an organization. The people who work for the company are defined as an asset or resource, hence the name human resources. However, the term human resources often used as a shortening of human resources department, the department that handles personnel issues for the company, managing the human capital of the organization. Human resources, both the people and the department, may also be referred to as personnel.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Human Resources (HR)

The employees of a company are one of its resources, an asset to the company that can be deployed to meet the company's goals. The better these employees are trained, supported, and developed, the better it is for the company as a whole. The managing of human resources is as important as the management of any other company resource but often more complex as the personnel of a company have their own opinions and needs, until non-human resources.

A human resource department is the division, or section, of an organization that is responsible for employee recruitment, management, training, record keeping, and retention. Members of the human resources or personnel department are responsible for ensuring that the organization is in compliance with applicable employment laws as well as the organization's employment policies and procedures.




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