Last updated: July 15, 2018

What Does Anthropometry Mean?

Anthropometry is the scientific study of the human body's size and proportions. Anthropometric measures are used to collect data about human beings' size, form, and function. The data obtained through anthropometry is used in a number of fields, including ergonomics and design. Anthropometric studies can also be used to track differences between populations and changes in populations over time.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Anthropometry

In the workplace setting, anrthropometric studies provide data that allows manufacturers and others to determine the ideal size of objects and tools to be used by a given population. This information can also be used to design appropriately sized personal protective equipment and ergonomically sound office spaces.

For example, anthropometric data on the average height for a selected group of people, allows a forklift or truck manufacturer to determine the best placement of a vehicle's seats and steering wheel. Evaluating the reach of an average person helps industrial machine manufacturers to design ergonomically efficient controls. Anthropometric data is also used for designing objects ranging from keyboards to door handles.


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