Human Factors (HF)

Last updated: July 30, 2018

What Does Human Factors (HF) Mean?

Human factors is the study of how people react within their environment, both physically and psychologically. Human factors is a scientific approach used in ergonomics to gain an understanding of how humans interact within their surroundings. This study is utilized in order to enhance human well-being and make a system more efficient overall.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Human Factors (HF)

The study of human factors examines the relationship between humans and the systems that they must interact with daily. By focusing on these factors, ergonomists can hope to create a more efficient way of navigating a particular system. A reduction in errors can also be associated with the use of this study in a workplace setting. Different science disciplines are used in the gathering of this data, such as anatomy, physiology, physics, and biomechanics. These practices are used to gain a better understanding of how to make a system function more efficiently with less errors and increase quality of production.


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