Job Enrichment

Last updated: February 21, 2019

What Does Job Enrichment Mean?

Job enrichment refers to the practice of modifying a job in order to provide employees with greater autonomy and control over their tasks. The purpose of this job design method is to improve employee job satisfaction. Job enrichment efforts usually focus on increasing the employee’s mental engagement and interest in a job. Job enrichment may also be referred to as job enhancement or vertical job expansion.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Job Enrichment

Similar to job enlargement, job enrichment modifies and expands an employee’s on the job responsibilities. However, while job enlargement is usually an expansion of the tasks associated with an existing job, job enrichment adds additional levels of control and authority to the job.

Thus, job enlargement is considered a horizontal expansion of a job while job enrichment is a vertical one. When job enrichment is employed, workers may be granted more freedom to choose how a job is accomplished. Often job enrichment expands a job to permit the same employee to maintain control over the work from start to finish and thus experience the full impact of his or her job on the workplace.

Recognition of individual employee contributions to the overall success of the workplace is an important factor in facilitating job enrichment. Job enrichment may be used as a tool to retain and motivate employees.



Job Enhancement, Veritcal Job Expansion

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