Wrist Extension

Last updated: February 24, 2019

What Does Wrist Extension Mean?

Wrist extension is movement of the hand backwards, towards the posterior side of the forearm. Working in a position of sustained wrist extension can cause repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Proper ergonomic set-up of a worker's workstation is essential to decrease these types of problems.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Wrist Extension

Wrist extension is one type of wrist movement. The wrist is capable of several complex movement patterns. Wrist extension is achieved when the forearm extensors contract, which pulls the hand upward toward the elbow. Activities like typing on a computer utilize this movement. When typing on a computer, it is essential to make sure the wrist does not go into an extended position for a sustained period of time as it can cause repetitive strain injuries. The use of ergonomic keyboards or gel pads for the worker's wrists can help alleviate wrist extension during typing.


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