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What Does Palmar Mean?

Palmar is a directional term used in anatomy to refer to the palm (front) of the hand. As a directional term, palmar identifies the part of your hand that is parallel to the body when the arms are held in neutral position. The palm of the hand is a surface that is often at risk in the workplace if workers are completing manual labor tasks, working with hazardous materials, working with materials of significant temperature differences from the human body, or in areas where crushing injuries are possible.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Palmar

The term palmar, when used in human anatomy, means relating to the front, or anterior, side of the hand. The palm of the hand is comprised of three main compartments. The palmar compartment is closest to the thumb. The midpalmar compartment forms the well, or palm, of the hand. The hypothenar is the section nearest the little finger.When someone grips an item, the palm of the hand is the part that wraps around the item.

Firm gripping or mechanical stress on the palm of the hand may contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive small motions of the palm can create a callus, a thickening of the tissue of the palm, causing immobilization.

The term volar may also be used to refer to the palm of the hand. However, this term does not apply exclusively to the hand; volar may also refer to the sole of the foot.




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