Medical Assessment

Last updated: June 15, 2018

What Does Medical Assessment Mean?

Within the context of occupational health and safety, a medical assessment is a set of testing run on employees to determine their overall medical condition and determine their general health state. A medical assessment is conducted to identify any health issues that may affect a worker's ability to perform on the job.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Medical Assessment

A medical assessment can be conducted at various times during employment. It can be part of pre-employment screening, could be required by hazard insurance carriers before a previously injured employee is allowed to return to duty, could be conducted before an employee begins a new set of duties, or after any event that might have resulted in a considerable change in employee health and capabilities. An assessment should always be conducted by a medical health professional. An assessment can include a variety of testing that will determine the general condition of an individual and their capacity to complete job duties. The assessment may look at a detailed occupational history, the employee's medical records, examinations and, or further testing of major systems in relation to job requirements (such as cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal), drug testing, hearing tests, lung function, and eyesight screening.

The assessment will result in a report that will consider the employee's ability to perform the particular tasks that are required for his job.



Health Assessment

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