Last updated: July 28, 2018

What Does Audiogram Mean?

An audiogram is a graphic display of the hearing threshold of standardized frequencies for a specific individual. It gives a visual description of a person's ability to hear sounds at different and varying frequencies. It is also useful to show which frequencies a person is unable to hear. An audiogram can show the severity of a person's hearing loss, by showing which frequencies they cannot hear.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Audiogram

An audiogram shows the results of a hearing examination. The results are shown by being placed on a graph to show which frequencies a person can or cannot hear. By looking at an overview of an audiogram, one can assess the severity of a person's hearing impairment. It can show the threshold of how quiet a sound can become before a person is unable to hear it. An audiogram is performed using a calibrated audiometer, in a soundproof environment, in order to prevent background noise from causing distraction or interference while administering the audio exam.


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