Decibel (dB)

Last updated: February 18, 2021

What Does Decibel (dB) Mean?

A decibel is a unit of measure that is used to quantify the level of a particular sound or noise. It is a common measure used to determine the danger level of a given environment to a person's hearing and is also used within the fields of electronics, signals, and communication. The decibel is a standardized measure so that sound levels can be measured reliably and accurately across platforms.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Decibel (dB)

A decibel is the unite of measure used in measuring a particular sound or noise. It is measured on a scale of human hearing, starting with the threshold of 0 dB to a level of 120-140 dB. A dB level at or above 120 dB would be considered to potentially cause pain and could cause temporary or permanent hearing loss, depending on the length of time one is exposed to the sound.

Within the workplace, decibel levels are important to consider when planning hearing protection levels for workers.


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