Hearing Protection Device

Last updated: October 22, 2018

What Does Hearing Protection Device Mean?

A hearing protection device is a piece of equipment that is designed to prevent hearing loss. Hearing damage or loss can be caused by exposure to loud noises or moderate noises for a longer period of time. This device, such as work earmufs or earplugs, reduces the amount of loud noise that may enter the inner ear by providing a barrier between the inner ear and any possible damaging frequencies.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Hearing Protection Device

A hearing protection device is worn to block out harmful loud noise that can cause damage to one's hearing. There are generally two types of hearing protection devices. One would be earmuffs. This type consists of cup shaped hard plastic shells that are lined with foam that are designed to cover the ears and block out harmful noise from entering the inner ear. The other type are ear plugs. Ear plugs can be made of foam or plastic and are designed to fit right into the ear canal, thereby blocking out noise. Both types of devices come in a variety of protection levels to fit a variety of needs and work environments.


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