Computerized Tomographic Scan (CT Scan)

Last updated: August 26, 2018

What Does Computerized Tomographic Scan (CT Scan) Mean?

A Computerized Tomographic Scan (CT Scan) is a group of X-Ray images that are taken from many different angles for diagnostic purposes. The images are then processed using a computer to process and arrange them into cross-sectional images. These images can be segmented into slices of bone, blood vessels, as well as soft tissue within the human body. These images help a medical professional visualize and indentify internal problems.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Computerized Tomographic Scan (CT Scan)

A Computerized Tomographic Scan has many different medical uses. It is primarily used to examine a patient that may have internal injuries that are not visible to the naked eye or by other scanning type devices. A CT Scan can help doctors see injuries such as bone fractures, internal bleeding, or some diseases such as certain cancers. By being able to see these internal injuries or issues, it allows medical personnel an accurate way of diagnosing a problem and planning a treatment.

CT Scans can sometimes involve the use of a contrast dye injected into the patient to improve the visibility of certain internal structures on the scans. Because a CT Scan is effectively multiple X-Rays, it is important to avoid CT Scans when pregnant or if the patient has already been exposed to high doses of certain radiation types.


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