Escape Gas Mask

Last updated: May 22, 2018

What Does Escape Gas Mask Mean?

An escape gas mask is a piece of safety equipment used in an emergency situation where the wearer needs to move from a hazardous breathing environment to a safe one. It is only used on one occasion and for not longer than 1 hour. An escape gas mask is used in environments where airborne particulates, gases, or fumes could suddenly pose a threat to a person's health and safety. An escape gas mask is also known as an escape respirator.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Escape Gas Mask

There are two types of escape gas mask, namely the air-purifying escape gas mask and the self-contained breathing apparatus escape gas mask. They are selected for use in the workplace depending on the amount of oxygen expected to be available in the air and the time required to leave the hazardous environment. The air-purifying escape gas mask is a face piece that removes hazardous particulates from the air inhaled by the wearer. It is only suitable to use this mask in an environment where the oxygen concentration of the air is more than 19.5%. The self-contained breathing apparatus escape gas mask is used where the oxygen concentration is below this level and it provides oxygen-filled air through a mouthpiece with a sealed-off hood covering the head of the wearer. Employees who work in areas identified as having the potential for an emergency requiring an escape gas mask must be trained in the use of this equipment before an emergency occurs.



Escape Respirator

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