General Exhaust

Last updated: June 29, 2018

What Does General Exhaust Mean?

General exhaust is a type of ventilation system that is used in manufacturing to reduce the concentration of airborne contaminants or heat in a given space by removing air from a specific area. As the air is removed, clean air rushes into the contaminated environment. It is an engineering control that is sometimes known as dilution ventilation due to the fact that it dilutes the contaminated air in a given space.


WorkplaceTesting Explains General Exhaust

General exhaust is most effective in environments where a low level of scattered contaminants or flammable gases can be found. It is used in the workplace for the control of gas, dust, or fumes and where it is important to regulate smells, temperature, or humidity for the safety and comfort of employees. It is not recommended for use where toxic materials are found. The general exhaust system works by drawing in clean air to the contaminated space, thereby reducing the intensity of the contaminant and allowing this air to be drawn out of the space. An alternative to general exhaust is a local exhaust ventilation system.



Dilution Ventilation

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