Injury Severity Rate

Last updated: May 22, 2018

What Does Injury Severity Rate Mean?

The injury severity rate is a number calculated by dividing the total number of lost workdays by the total number of recordable accidents. The calculated rate is indicative of the scope and extent of safety issues, the severity of any involved injury or illness, and measures the effectiveness of safety standards in the workplace.

Injury severity rate is also known as accident severity rate.

Lost work days x 200,000 = Injury Severity Rate


WorkplaceTesting Explains Injury Severity Rate

The injury severity rate is a way to track how many injuries are serious vs minor. This is a way to gauge if there is a serious issue that needs to be addressed with regards to safety in a particular area of a company or if there is a shift in events over time.

The data is used to determine the safety performance of an organization, shift or department, and provides guidelines for training and safety observations in the workplace. A high severity rate indicates the need for redesigning currently implemented standards to provide a safer work environment.



Accident Severity Rate

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